Misdiagnosed as having severe intellectual disabilities, Wing Sze had an extremely challenging start to life. Thankfully, she showed to have resilience and great strength of spirit that would help her to adapt to life with us at HOLF. She reminds us all that having limited forms of movement and communication does not equate to a mind devoid of intellect, drive, individuality or creativity. She has all of these gifts and above all a capacity to love and impact those around her.

Wing Sze, when younger, learned to read in both Chinese and English. She was able to go on outings, explore different foods and communicate to others her strength of character and her desire to feed her mind. Over the years her body has set her more challenges. She is no longer able to move or communicate but, when you look into her eyes, you can see her intellect shining back at you in spite of the physical and medical challenges she continues to face. Her English name is Grace and she delights in you using that name. She relies on others to offer her the stimulation she still requires to continue the fight. Spending time with her reminds you of the innate human need to be seen. When she looks at you, you too feel truly known and loved.

Bill, a regular overseas volunteer at HOLF was one such person that has had a unique connection with Wing Sze. He and his wife Ena felt compelled to come back to Hong Kong time and time again primarily to maintain that special bond with their ‘daughter’ - Wing Sze (as Bill refers to her in his book). Countless other volunteers and staff benefit from her unique presence as they stop and spend a while at her side.


Since 1965, the Home of Loving Faithfulness (HOLF) has been caring for children and adults with special needs in Hong Kong.  Our mission is to provide a home for the people we care for, giving them the best quality of life in a Christian family setting.


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