When Valerie and Wendy (our founders) first met Fung Tai she was in hospital, immobile and uncommunicative. She had just suffered a major epileptic seizure.  Fung Tai was 14 years old when she first came to live at HOLF. She was able to receive medical care for her cerebral palsy. She also enjoyed a new wardrobe and even wearing shoes for the first time.  She was then enabled to move around on a specially designed scooter and learnt how to communicate her desires and interests to those around her. Immediately her lively inquisitive character inspired those who met her. 

We soon realised that she thrived on social interaction. To this day she enjoys seeing visitors or heading out for a shopping trip or dim sum. On these occasions we make sure she has her favourite handbag with her. At the age of 69, she still has a sharp mind and keeps track of the comings and goings at HOLF. 


Since 1965, the Home of Loving Faithfulness (HOLF) has been caring for children and adults with special needs in Hong Kong.  Our mission is to provide a home for the people we care for, giving them the best quality of life in a Christian family setting.


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