Our Mission


  • To provide Hong Kong children and adults, who have mild to multiple disabilities, a better quality of life in a Christian and family setting.
  • To relieve overburdened families of such children and adults from the financial, physical, social, mental and emotional stress they may be experiencing.
  • To serve the children and adults and their families freely, with no thought of payment or reward.
  • To admit children and adults with the intention of a lifetime of full residential care, no matter how long they may live, unless an adoption is appropriate and approved by the relevant authorities.
  • To trust God alone to provide financially for us and to make no requests or appeals whatsoever for financial assistance from any source.
  • To honour God through the above means and to be a practical expression of His love and a living testimony to His saving grace and His absolute faithfulness.
  • Through God’s guidance and provision, we aim to empower young disabled people of Hong Kong to achieve their fullest potential.