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Welcome! Since 1965, The Home of Loving Faithfulness has been providing life-long Christian care to children and adults with special needs in Hong Kong. We believe that by trusting God, He has given us the vision, direction, guidance and provision for the Home to serve Him and His family in obedience to His calling upon our lives. And who knows? Could it be you that He is calling to serve here or just to visit?


People with disabilities, (representing 15% of the world’s population), are one of the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups in society. They are routinely denied the most basic human rights, often cut off from education, employment and healthcare. Many are living in extreme poverty…even here in Hong Kong.


By browsing through these pages, may you be blessed by what you read and see! And maybe you could be part of the family whether for a short visit, regular visits or longer! We look forward to seeing you!


So enjoy and God bless!

Tracy Pattrick


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