Our Services

The Nursing Unit

  • For the severely disabled residents of all ages

This unit consists of a day room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. It is designed for the special care and attention needed by those members of our family who are severely disabled and need constant nursing care and supervision.

The family members housed within this part of the Home are monitored closely by our resident full-time nursing staff and a team of local and volunteer staff who provide them with the love and the necessary physical, emotional and spiritual care needed.

Respect and dignity are given to each individual. Above everything else, this is a Christian family and the family members are prayed with and for and they are taught about the love of Jesus.

Wheelchairs, trolley beds and other walking aids are provided so that the children can be taken for short walks locally or around the extensive grounds of the Home or sometimes on longer trips & outings in one of our specially adapted vehicles.


The Lower Ark

Initially this unit was for the less physically challenged residents and therefore the family in this part of the Home are more physically able to do many things for themselves. They are, therefore, given more freedom and flexibility to move around in a controlled environment.
Under close supervision, they are each encouraged to develop skills appropriate to their level of understanding and ability for independent living such as washing, dressing, feeding themselves, basic house chores, helping with the shopping, cleaning and tidying up.

This purpose built block accommodates up to six residents and one residential house mother.  Most of our residents living in the Lower Ark attend special needs schools or adult training centres.

Over the last decade, we have successfully adapted the Lower Ark to allow for the integration of some of our more severely disabled residents.